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Announcing Agreement to Publish Stretching the Thin Blue Line: Policing America in Times of Heightened Threat by Ross Riggs

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Stretching the Thin Blue Line: Policing America in Times of Heightened Threat,

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Motivational Press TO PUBLISH Stretching the Thin Blue Line:
Policing America in Times of Heightened Threat BY Ross

 (Carlsbad, CA – 09-25-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Stretching the Thin Blue Line:
Policing America in Times of Heightened Threat by Ross
, which offers a realistic strategy for defeating terrorists
before they can strike in our hometowns, our communities and neighborhoods.
Whether the terrorists are internationally trained sleeper cells, local
extremists or radical criminal elements out to make a name for themselves,
America's police officers teamed with specially selected and trained
everyday Americans can be ready to meet and defeat the threat. With a
Christ-centered faith, these new centurions will be strong, motivated and
employing strategies that will drive the enemy from our homeland once and for
all. for release in Spring 2016.

Stretching the Thin Blue Line: Policing America in Times of Heightened
Threat shares with readers Stretching the Thin Blue Line: Policing America
in Times of Heightened Threat is all about America's cops teamed with
everyday Americans who understand the threats posed by radical extremists and
terrorists. They will prepare themselves to meet that threat as it arrives on
their own doorsteps. It is about answering that door and meeting that threat
head-on. By traveling back in time to America's earliest police officers
and through the cataclysmic changes in law enforcement through the days of
America's wild west into the technology rich decades of the last century,
and the new threats of this century, the author explores what it takes to make
an American police officer. Enveloping the changes that are essential for these
new centurions to meet the threat are the principles of being a Christ-follower.
These leaders gain through faith the knowledge of divine help and their homes
are also strengthened in faith. The knights of the castle can leave their homes
secure to go forth and battle the enemy who has pounded upon the gates. Key to
their success are the individuals who have been chosen from every walk of life
who will fill strategic positions within the thin blue line. Realistic methods
for risk assessments enables communities to see their cities as a terrorist or
extremist see it and harden the targets against attack. Prioritizing resources
and utilizing key people associated with those resources will provide the
formula for success against a no-longer faceless enemy. America's citizens
refuse to live in fear and with the combined strength of police and citizens on
the local front and the greatest military the world has ever known protecting
our shores, Americans will stride strongly and confidently into their daily
lives without intimidation. They can be secure in the knowledge that both they
and the Lord are guarding the city as scripture prescribes..

Motivational Press is excited to work with Ross Riggs to share with

Develop a Realistic Strategy to Stop
Terrorists on a Local Level

Develop a Solid Risk Analysis of Your
Community to Identify Targets of Terrorists

Prioritize Targets and Identify Key People
with Special Knowledge or Access to Help Stop an Attack BEFORE It

Build a Cohesive Team of Key Individuals and
Law Enforcement on a Local Level

Strengthen the Families of Team Members
through Faith in Christ


About The

Dr. Ross L. Riggs is happily married to
Karin Tuve Riggs, MD (36 years and counting), father to three daughters and a
son; all are married; seven grandchildren (and counting); he is a sinner saved
by grace and an ordained pastor. Dr. Riggs is a retired Chief of Police with law
enforcement experience beginning in 1974 in communications. His career includes
twelve years with the United States Air Force Reserve (USAFR) 910th Tactical
Fighter Group, Weapons System Security, 1975-1982; two years campus police
College of Wooster OH 1976-1978; twenty years in local law enforcement, Rittman
Ohio Police Department 1978-1991; the last seven years as Chief of Police
Louisville, OH. 1991-1998; A graduate of the FBI National Academy 152nd Session,
FBI National Academy Associates Ohio Chapter Officer of the Year 1989, Ohio
Association Chiefs of Police awarded the Lifetime Certified Law Enforcement
Executive, (CLEE); Doctorate Degree in Ministry 2006 Baptist Bible Seminary,
(BBS) Doctoral Dissertation titled, In Times of Crisis: Developing Contingency
Management Teams for Missionary Sending Churches and Agencies; Clarks Summit PA,
Master of Ministry (BBS) 2001; Fifteen years Central & Eastern Europe and
the Mediterranean Region Safety and Security Consultant, Bosnia-Herzegovina Team
Leader, M-Care Team Leader, Association of Baptists for World Evangelism (ABWE)
2001-2016, Associate Pastor, First Baptist Church Louisville OH 1999-2001,
President/Owner Security Consulting Investigations, LLC 2006 to present; Adjunct
Faculty, Summit University (Baptist Bible Seminary); Master Degree in Public
Administration, Kent State University, 1989; BS Technical Education, University
of Akron, 1984; Associate Degree Criminal Justice, University of Akron (OH)
1978; author of numerous articles on law enforcement tactics, administration and
ethics published in major law enforcement magazines, editor International
Counter Terrorism Officers Association newsletter; Member of ASIS International,
National Association of Investigative Specialists, and several other
professional organizations. Guest speaker for conferences.


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