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Announcing Agreement to Publish Put your phone on ICE by David Hill

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Motivational Press TO PUBLISH Put your phone on ICE BY David

 (Carlsbad, CA – 07-16-2015) –Motivational Press
today announced an agreement to publish 
Put your phone on ICE
by David Hill 
, which offers Much of the newer sales generations
prefers marketing, text, email, social media and drip campaigns, and because of
that we have lost the human ability to really connect with others. The
fundamental saying, “people buy from people they like and trust” is
falling off. This book teaches salespeople to get back to the basics of using
the phone to connect and engage with prospects at a deeper level which will
increase sales. I am not telling salespeople to stop doing what they are doing,
I am suggesting that we compliment it with the phone. for release
in Spring 2016.

your phone on ICE shares with readers The acronym for the book is I.C.E.
Stand for Inspire, Confidence and Effectiveness. INSPIRE  The goal is to
inspire salespeople to pick up the phone through making it fun to call, helping
them come from contribution while calling and creating a greater understanding
of their value proposition. CONFIDENCE Once a sales person has become inspired
and understands their purpose and has a deep understanding of how they can
really help their prospects they then become more confident on the phone.
EFFECTIVENESS Finally when a salesperson becomes inspired and confident they
begin to be present with their prospects which helps them listen better, ask
better questions and truly become more effective. We also share great scripts
and tools to increase effectiveness. The book is great for a brand new
salesperson who never picked up the phone or the seasoned rep who wants to take
it to the next level.     .

Motivational Press is excited to work with David Hill to share with

Confidence using the phone to

Understanding value and who people buy from

Scripts to improve performance
Learn to ask better and meaningful questions

Learn to listen better and follow up skills


About The

David Hill is a leading expert on telephone
prospecting. Over the past 28 years, he has worked as a salesperson in numerous
industries and depended primarily on the phone to make sales. When other
salespeople have switched to email or social media to reach contacts, David has
stayed true to the communication medium of his roots. In doing so, he’s
invested approximately 30,000 hours talking to prospects on the phone, which is
equivalent to a triple master’s degree in phone prospecting.
David’s experience selling over the phone started as a kid when he took his
first job as a telemarketer. He quickly learned that what seemed to be a
frustrating and difficult job for his peers came surprising easy for him. After
his second telemarketing job, David helped build a magazine called Condo Media,
where he spent most of his day cold-calling businesses to sell advertising.
David has spent much of his sales career in real estate, a highly competitive
selling industry. In his first year at Keller Williams in 2002, David sold 42
homes through phone prospecting, far surpassing the average of only six homes
per rep. In 2006, David founded Hill Team Associates, a sales division under KW,
where he currently serves as CEO. This is where he realized his passion for
helping salespeople improve their skills to advance their careers. David’s
drive and talent have enabled him to rise through the ranks of KW where he is
now a member of the Gary Keller Private Mastermind, which is comprised of the
top 100 agents. He is one of only 90 Certified
David Hill 774.696.3656 16
National Instructors who are paid to teach at a national level—a major
achievement considering the 114,000 agents at KW.
David also founded a sales training program called XF Bootcamp where he teaches
a seven-week course on phone prospecting. He has shared numerous coaching
techniques and exercises with participants, and gotten glowing feedback. Many of
the tried-and-true techniques he teaches in this course will be included in the
David’s passion for helping others extends beyond sales. He had a rough
childhood and endured the kind of family struggles that stop many people in
their tracks. David didn’t have the opportunity to attend college, so he
entered the working world at a young age and became determined to improve his
circumstances. Over the years he’s worked hard to not only shape his life into
something fulfilling and positive, but to show others they can do the same,
regardless of their circumstances. In his free time, David speaks at schools and
graduations to share his story and inspire both children and adults.
David is a graduate of Dale Carnegie Effective Communications Curriculum and a
Master at Expired and For Sale by Owner Scripts and Dialogue. He is proficient
in teaching RSTLM, The Six Perspectives, Seller Mastery and Win with Sellers.
David lives by the famous words of Zig Ziglar: “Help enough people get what
they want and you end up with what you want.”
This will be David’s first book.


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