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Announcing Agreement to Publish Conscious Client Attraction: 8 Simple Secrets to Building Your Expert Business While Nourishing Your Soul by Marcia Bench


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Motivational Press TO PUBLISH Conscious Client Attraction: 8 Simple Secrets to Building Your Expert Business While Nourishing Your Soul BY Marcia Bench

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 09-12-2018) –Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish Conscious Client Attraction: 8 Simple Secrets to Building Your Expert Business While Nourishing Your Soul by Marcia Bench , which offers a unique blend of business strategy for consciousness-minded entrepreneurs along with ways to clear your energy and activate manifesting to improve your results. for release in Fall 2018.


Conscious Client Attraction: 8 Simple Secrets to Building Your Expert Business While Nourishing Your Soul

shares with readers If you know that you have a higher purpose – and want to express it through your own coaching or other transformational expert business – then this book is for you.  You’ll discover the 8 simple secrets to create your message and build a successful business, drawing on the life lessons you’ve learned.  

But this book isn’t just about business strategy – this best-selling author of Become an Inspirational Thought Leader and 25 other books also teaches you how to heal your energy wounds as you go, align your chakras and easily attract all the ideal clients you desire.  

The result? A business that truly makes a difference in the world while nourishing your soul and that of your clients.

Too many coaches, authors, healers, speakers and other service providers aspire to start their own viral movement to change the world for the better – and try one strategy after another with disappointing results.  In this book, you’ll read the personal stories of entrepreneurs just like you who, with Marcia’s capable guidance, created their own transformational empire by clarifying their message and offerings, clearing their past wounds, attracting a tribe of committed followers and leveraging their offerings to multiply their income.

Read this book and join the rising tide of entrepreneurs who seek to become Conscious Experts – transformational leaders in the world, seamlessly blending strategy and spirituality to change lives, change policies and change the future, for all of us.  

Motivational Press is excited to work with Marcia Bench to share with readers:

  • what it means to be a conscious expert – and how to get started
  • the 8 Chakra Business Types – and how knowing yours can increase your sales
  • a proven 8-step business blueprint to help you attract more ideal clients
  • how to ensure your energy, mindset and soul set is clear as you share your message
  • how to create a viral movement with your work


About The Author:

Marcia Bench is a best-selling 25-time author, professional speaker, intuitive guide and coach, founder of Conscious Client Attraction and the author of 25 other books including the best-selling Become an Inspirational thought Leader and Tao of Entrepreneurship.  She is the go to expert when you want to attract more ideal clients easily and profitably, whether to turn around strategies that aren’t working or to leap to the next level of your success.  Using Conscious Client Attraction and the roadmap of the chakras as her primary marketing approach, Marcia launched her initial business part time while working as an attorney. It rapidly grew to serve clients in more than 50 countries and has generated more than $2.7 million dollars in revenues. She hopes your clients catapult their impact and their income with her methods too.


About Motivational Press:

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