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Announcing Agreement to Publish Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback – Your Guide To Raising The Bar When Dating by Rachel Fiori Melissa Fiori


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Motivational Press TO PUBLISH Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback – Your Guide To Raising The Bar When Dating BY Rachel Fiori

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (Carlsbad, CA – 03-08-2018) –Motivational Press today announced an agreement to publish  Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback – Your Guide To Raising The Bar When Dating by Rachel Fiori Melissa Fiori, which offers A fresh look into the dating scene and hilarious insight into why relationships get stuck in the “this-relationship-sucks” hamster wheel. You’ll realize what type of Throwbacks you’ve been dating and how to reel in only the elite who actually deserve you. for release in Fall 2018.


Catch & Release: How To Spot A Throwback – Your Guide To Raising The Bar When Dating

shares with readers Everyone is looking for love. Strong, loving, supporting bonds make us happier and healthier. However, while there might be plenty of fish in the sea, you’ve got to know if you’ve reeled in a Catch or a Throwback!
Have you reeled in a cheater? Then you have yourself a SLIPPERY DICK. An emotionally unavailable predator? You’re swimming with a SHARK.  Maybe you’re dating a spineless momma’s boy? Time to dump that JELLY FISH! A PUFFER FISH’S first love will always be weed over you. Sharing no longer means caring when a PENIS FISH gives that STD to you. Do you know a BLOW FISH? Did you get entangled with a FLOUNDER? Were you ever blind-sided by a DOG FISH? Or could YOU be a SUCKER FISH??
This ultimate guide to raising the bar when dating inspires you to listen to your intuition, to know yourself emotionally and physically, to set healthy boundaries and stay true to them, and to never fight over  a catch!  Ultimately, you get what you are in life. So it’s time to step up to the plate, be the best version of you that you can be, and cut the line on those Throwbacks!

“Catch & Release” doesn’t just guide you from choppy dating waters to smooth sailing. It offers personal stories from real people who have dated each type of Throwback. You will not only be able to relate to these brave souls’ stories, but you’ll be empowered to self-reflect, stop dating Throwbacks, and get on your path to finding a truly magnificent partner.
So what are you waiting for? Grab this book of humor and wisdom and start reading immediately! But be warned. Potential side effects may result from your experience with this book: 1) Your jaw may get sore from dropping, 2) Your eyes may actually pop out of your head, 3) Your stomach may hurt from laughing, 4) You may become empowered, 5) Soon after finishing the book you may actually find your soulmate. Happy fishing, everyone!

Motivational Press is excited to work with Rachel Fiori to share with readers:

  • You’ll be able to end the ‘bad relationship’ cycle
  • You’ll be guided on how to raise the bar when dating
  • You’ll gain clarity on Throwbacks and if you’re dating one
  • You’ll be empowered to cut the line on Throwbacks and never date them again
  • You’ll shift into your most magnificent self and never settle again


About The Author:

Rachel Fiori is an Ascension Coach, Energy Healer, & Psychic. She has her Masters of Science degree in Occupational Therapy, and has also earned her certification as a Strategic Intervention Life Coach. Rachel uses her profound psychic, healing gifts and expertise to transform people’s lives and their relationships. Rachel provides seminars, workshops, and one-on-one coaching to unblock the barriers in people’s lives and lead them to their purpose, fulfillment, & to achieve success. Rachel resides in San Diego, CA and coaches and heals people throughout the United States and internationally.
Melissa Fiori is a tenured Associate professor of Second Language Acquisition and Applied Linguistics (Ph.D. from Penn State) at a small private college in western New York who studied Literature, Language, and Culture of the Spanish – speaking world at Middlebury College (M.A.) in Vermont and Spain, and International Relations and Spanish at Bucknell University (B.A.) in Pennsylvania. She has published her research in peer – reviewed journals, such as CALICO and ITDL, and serves as a referee for a number of applied linguistics journals domestically and internationally.  She has teaching experience in both the United States and abroad, and has lived in Spain twice and Turkish Cyprus. Melissa is an alumna of the Woodhull Institute for Ethical Leadership for Women and has had the privilege of working with university level students, for approximately twenty years.


About Motivational Press:

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