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Ally Loprete- Author & World Class Speaker

Ally Loprete

Ally Loprete

Ally Loprete guarantees a fun, inspirational and exciting message for your next event! Ally has extensive experience in home business coaching,
executive management, parenting, work / family balance, entrepreneurship, and team building. She combines that knowledge with over 20 years of live performance experience in radio, TV and stage events to bring you an unforgettable presentation. The result is a custom-tailored presentation, rich in creativity and depth, that is delivered with Ally’s dynamic personality, razor sharp wit, and unique style!

Her most popular topics include:

  • How to awaken your very own personal cheerleader, capitalize on your inner resilience
    and enthusiasm, and lift your own spirits during times of struggle or uncertainty.
  • How to tap into your highest potential and achieve mind-blowing abundance, personal
    transformations and spiritual enlightenment.
  • How to move past limiting beliefs and break down unnecessary barriers to reveal your
    unrealized human potential.
  • How to discover the most effective way to problem solve, make tough decisions without
    hesitation, and rid yourself of doubt once and for all.
  •  How to create a positive and enthusiastic environment for yourself and your children to
    flourish, regardless of any circumstance.
    —> The Stay-At-Home Revolution and what it means for you!
    —> How to use the skills, assets and talents you already have to create a career at home!
    —> How to thrive in a double career of business and parenting!
    —> The 5 Universal Laws that have put Parent Entrepreneurs on top!


    The Online Marketing Revolution and what it means for you!
    •   How to increase your site traffic by thousands
    in just a few minutes of twitter each day, and continue to watch as your business gains perpetual growth and sales conversions.
    •   How to automate your twitter tasks so that you are spending as little as 1 hour a week creating new and effective messaging.
    •   How to convert 15 minutes of BRAINLESS work into a sale – every time!
    •   How to easily find new clients… the BEST CLIENTS… you’ve ever had… because once they find you, they are
    already clamoring for YOU and the SERVICE you offer.
    •   How to throw away that icky aggressive sales technique and go straight to the consumers who are READY Fee Range: $5001-10000

Ally Loprete Speaker Bio:

Self-made momprenuer and parent enthusiast, Ally Loprete is nationally recognized as a vibrant and dynamic public speaker, radio personality and television host. She is the founder of, a nationwide online business directory of self-employed parents, the host of iHeart Radio’s THIS LITTLE PARENT STAYED HOME where 6 million listeners tune in for resources and support, and the co-host of  WAKE UP TV, a nationally televised broadcast for the new mainstream. In addition to inspiring a movement of work-at-home moms and dads who support each other with their own purchasing power,  Ally has created an abundance of opportunity for parents who are seeking alternatives to expensive daycare and long hours away from home. Her latest book, LOUD AND PROUD: A CHEERLEADERS
GUIDE TO OWNING YOUR TRUTH, ACHIEVING YOUR DREAMS AND LANDING A FULFILLING LIFE AS A MODERN PARENT is a call for inspired action and reverence of personal triumph, to be released Fall 2016.  Ally lives with her husband and their two sons in the northern suburbs of Los Angeles, in a home filled with lots of laughter.

Ally Loprete’s Previous Speaking Gigs

Spark and Hustle, The Great Parenting Show, Woo Hoo Weekend, Brilliant and Bankable, The Rockstar Weekend Bootcamp, BizEMoms, The Santa Clarita Tidbits Career Expo, Mom Gets a Life, Booya
BootCamp, The Women’s Collective for Entrepreneurs, The Momprenuer Summit, The Let It Go Summit, The Empowered Young Mom Summit, Shabby Lane Shops Expo, Interconnections for Women,, Business Makeover Success Summit, Behind Superwoman’s Cape, Successfully Unemployed, Motivating Other Moms, Mommy
Heart Revolution Event, Self Employment Boom, Own Your Dreams Tour (with Ona Brown), Wise Women Conference, The Path to a Millionaire Mindset Summit, Manifest Your Calling Summit, Soul Speak – A Tribute to Wayne Dyer, Women on Fire Summit,  The Joyfully Empowered Summit for Moms of Special Needs Kids, You Can Do Anything Summit and The Money Vibe Summit


“Ally’s spunky soul bursts on that stage when she
delivers her powerful message– anything is possible, commitment and courage always wins, mommies are the new entrepreneurial geniuses! I totally fell in love with Ally’s raw, real style. You could feel her authenticity pulsing through the room. If you want a powerful, honest, beautiful, heart-centered speaker– grab Ally Loprete for your event!”

Christina Dunbar, CEO of The Power Goddess

“Engaging, entertaining, and enlightening, Ally
Loprete knows how to powerfully present and move
an audience. She’s a natural at communicating big
ideas, sharing her heartfelt story, and rocking the
Woohoo that SHE does. I was honored to have her
speak at Woohoo Weekend 2012 and highly
recommend her as a featured speaker at your event.”

– Lisa Steadman, CEO, Woohoo, Inc.

“I can tell you that personally, I left my conversation with Ally feeling as if I owned the world and that I could do everything I ever dreamed. That is the effect she has on people.”

– Christopher Hussey, Editor-in-Chief of Ntwrkr Magazine


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