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AGAPE: The Forgotten Teaching of Jesus

AGAPE: The Forgotten Teaching of Jesus

Human kind lost more than its innocence when Adam and Eve shared fruit from the knowledge of good and evil tree. They lost the ability to love like God. Unconditional and selfless.

The impact of this loss led Cain to kill Abel, Hitler to open concentration camps, murders, and greed in our United States. Hatred, bigotry, racism, broken marriages, people without home, food or hope, people who suffer emotional and mental wounds are with us every day because human love is no longer like God’s love.

The Christian church is also affected. It does not have to be that way.

With “Agape, the Forgotten Teaching of Jesus,” author Augie Ristow introduces you to the forgotten teaching of Jesus. This truth opens the door for a foundational shift in your love, the way that God intended your love to be.

Augie Ristow is a life long Christian. He holds a Masters of Divinity from a conservative Lutheran seminary. Through nearly twenty years of careful study, he has become the foremost expert on the biblical truth of Agape.

As an intentional interim pastor, he uses the teaching of Agape as the foundational element for a church’s new hope and direction. He is a mentor to pastors and churches who want an Agape ministry.

He enjoys the companionship of his wife, their five grown children, and Molly the wonder dog. Find more information about Augie, Agape Christianity and Agape ministry at

Written by Justin