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Advocacy Heals U; 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment by Joni Aldrich


Advocacy Heals U Joni James Aldrich

Advocacy Heals U; 15 Keys to Fast Track Results and Emotional Fulfillment by Joni Aldrich

About The Book:


Advocacy is rising! In this–the first book ever published about personal advocacy–author Joni Aldrich (with Christopher Jerry, founder of the Emily Jerry Foundation) discuss what it truly means to be an advocate. Based on their radio program Advocacy Heals U, Joni and Chris have found that many people are shocked to learn they are an advocate. Advocates are normal people who achieve abnormal results through a passion that burns from within often fueled by a life-changing and perhaps tragic crossroad they call the Event. Advocates are caught up in the Need that becomes apparent through personal sacrifice or loss. Advocates may be a caregiver for a beloved parent. Maybe they are proof positive that someone can survive pancreatic cancer. Maybe they offer food to the hungry because they were once hungry, or shelter in the cold because they were once homeless. Many advocates are driven by a deep-seated need to honor and/or support loved ones, or to pay it forward. Advocates are the catalyst for change brought about through an internal Call. And–here is the most amazing part of advocacy–advocates work daily to heal others, but through their selflessness are healed, too. Advocacy (really does) Heal U! This book contains all of the basic knowledge necessary to advocate, including patient advocacy, personal advocacy, and general advocacy.


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About The Author:

Advocacy Heals U is the seventh book by Author, Speaker, Radio Host, and Healthcare Advocate Joni Aldrich. Joni speaks to the world through her books and international radio programs (available live and on demand at,,, and UKHealthRadio. com), including Cancer S.O.S., Caregiving S.O.S., and Advocacy Heals U. She advocates for advocates, patient awareness and engagement, cancer families, caregiver rights, and cancer care legislation in honor of her husband and mother who were both lost to cancer.

Joni’s Event began when her 43-year-old husband was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (a deadly and painful form of blood cancer). As they set out to try to save Gordon (The Saving of Gordon; Lifelines to W-I-N Against Cancer), they encountered many costly pitfalls in the cancer healthcare system. After months of failed “standard” treatment for Gordon’s aggressive cancer, they finally found the right oncologist. It was too late. Gordon’s cancer spread to his brain, and he lost his struggle for life. The hard lessons they experienced through the cancer steep learning curve didn’t save Gordon, but Joni was determined to help others be empowered, alert and involved patients and caregivers to facilitate the best chance of survival for others who hear the words “you have cancer”.


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