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Green initiative

Motivational Press’ Commitment to the Environment:

At Motivational Press, single-copy books are printed in smaller quantities, streamlining raw material usage  eliminating supply chain waste, reduces carbon offsets and conserves valuable natural resources.

To build upon an already solid foundation of environmental stewardship, the raw materials used in all Motivational Press manufactured books carry certifications schemes that promote the health of our environment and industry.

All Motivational Press book papers are environmentally certified and carry one or dual certifications from:

FSC – The Forest Stewardship Council

SFI – The Sustainable Forestry Initiative

PEFC – The Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


All Motivational Press materials are obtained from Chain of Custody (COC) certified suppliers to guarantee with certainty the environmental sustainability and sourcing of materials used.

Motivational Press incorporates post consumer waste (PCW) content in our high-speed digital manufacturing book environment. Three of Motivational Press’ papers have PCW content.

Certain Motivational Press papers are manufactured using 100% wind power. All Motivational Press papers contain no old growth forest. No papers used in Motivational Press books are sourced from endangered old growth forests, forests of exceptional conservation value or the Amazon Basin.

All Motivational Press papers are sourced from Sustainable Reforestation Programs