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A Resonant Presence by Alice Stefaniak

A Resonant Presence by Alice Stefaniak About The Book:
*The element of presence in coaching is described in many books, but what this book does is identify specific factors and experiences that animate presence. How to actuate presence so that it is vital and palpable is often glossed over as if everyone knows what that is. But to make presence resonate as a significant part of our relationships is the theme described through psychology, neuroscience and coaching theories. The author describes what it takes to go-on-in-being, to feel as if you know what it takes to continue life in someone’s presence, even within ambiguity. Besides description and evidence-based stories, there are activities and experiments to enhance presence both in coaching, and spirited living in everyday life. *

Get Your Copy of A Resonant Presence About The Author:
I am a transition coach! When I work with clients they are already looking at their lives and assessing where they are. I look at where they want to go and act as an “interior designer.” This becomes an adventure of new steps, new challenges, and a re/discovery of strengths that come to the fore through cues, dreams or expanded worldviews. I am an educator, adult learning facilitator, and life coach in the process. My own journey started at DePaul University, continued at Villanova University and then I received my doctorate at the University of Denver/Iliff in psychology and world religions. Lately my inner work led to more study and a coaching certification at the University of Texas at Dallas.

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