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A Mind for Business

A Mind for Business!


What do all successful business people , entrepreneurs and sales people have that those who aren’t successful don’t? Is it that they have more intelligence, talent or good looks? Is it that they have more time, more money or great contacts? Is it that they are just lucky?


Make no mistake, what distinguishes those who succeed from their counterparts is their unfailing belief in their ability to do Until! They have a spirit that empowers their belief and drives them to achieve. Inspiring individuals such as Ghandi remind us that all true power comes from within and stems from a belief. After all, Ghandi had no home, money or soldiers, he didn’t even possess a suit, yet he was able to transplant his faith into the minds of 200 million people. He was able to use what he had until he succeeded in his objective.


Definiteness of purpose is a necessity for achievement.


We can all focus on our perceived handicaps and listen to others list their own misgivings for our ventures and rely on these excuses to justify our lack of success. There is no challenge in doing this, it only ensures that we do lack success and proves that we were ‘right’ all along. In the immortal words of Henry Ford, ‘If you think you can or think you can’t, either way you will be right.’ Don’t allow perceived disadvantages or imperfections to delay your success. Catch the spirit of past pioneers, after all Rembrandt himself was nearsighted. Beethoven was a deaf musician and Helen Keller became deaf, dumb and blind shortly after birth yet adhered to the philosophy that ‘life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.’ These people in common with other successful people weren’t ‘advantaged’ but capable of anything once they put their mind to it. They kept their focus on their goals.


Desire is a potent force to drive us to create, yet how many people know what they do actually want? Most of us can make lengthy detailed and specific lists of all that we don’t want yet have trouble doing the same for what we do want. All successful people know exactly what they do want! ‘You’ve got to name it to claim it’ works for both what you want and what you don’t. It’s a mind law that does not discriminate so choose what you are for and focus your energies there. Keep your eyes and thoughts focused on your target, your goals and dreams. What you discuss habitually is what you will see evidenced in your reality. Your circumstances will reveal your habitual mindset- it will prove you right! Hopefully your everyday language reflects your belief in a prosperous and expanding business, if not- change your thoughts.


Yes, ‘change your thoughts, change your world.’

Yes, your thoughts create your reality.


That’s good news, the power for success lies within your own hands. The most phenomenal, powerful and astounding asset that you can envision possessing…you already own.

It’s available 24/7 at your fingertips. It can be an ally in this adventure of your life or left operating by default can wreak havoc and sabotage our best laid plans.

No-one would enter into a business planning to fail. Yet how many omit to plan to succeed utilising the benefits of the brain. Create the blueprint in mind first of that you wish to see realized. The thought comes before the action.


All successful people be it elite sportspersons, corporate executives or business people consciously and deliberately choose the thoughts that support the belief that they desire to see manifest. Some employ Neuro linguistic Programming (NLP) and Creative Visualisation as techniques of modelling patterns of excellence to create the state of mind of belief. What one can do- we too can do!


An accumulation of repeated thoughts creates a belief. Your beliefs will be seen alive and obvious in your everyday reality.


Two people can experience the exact same event yet walk away with opposing perceptions exposing their beliefs. During the terrorist attack of September 11 in New York a terrified and dazed citizen spoke to a news reporter and stated, “this is not my war. Keep your war over there!” another equally distraught man was interviewed and pleaded, “we have got to find a way of getting along that’s better than this.” In the midst of such tragedy one view was powerless, that of a victim. The other view was powerful, acknowledging what had happened with a shift from focusing on the problem to seeking a solution.


Most business’ have resulted as a solution to yesterday’s problems, affectionately termed the ‘oops evolution’ to success. Successful people and business’ keep their focus on the solutions, whilst developing the ability to use what they have until they get the results they desire.


Desire and belief are required to create reality. You have the power to choose what reality that will be. You will get the results of your actions not your intentions. So put into practice the repeated thoughts that keep you focused on your dream and maintain your belief in your ability to attain your desire. Don’t let fear divert you from your path of achievement. Keep your mind searching for evidence of your success. Remember, whatever you look for you’ll find. You only have room for one kind of belief- if you have thoughts of lack then there is no room for prosperity. Make room for what you want by focusing on it, keep your mind busy with all the ways you can win. Remember every past event that you beat the odds and back it up with evidence from other people’s lives of how they overcame obstacles. Give your mind the reference points it needs to believe that you can achieve anything that you set your mind to and then help it prove you right by backing up your words with the corresponding actions.


Think doubt and fail, think victory and succeed.

Your thoughts, your choice. I know what I’m thinking… do you?


Rosie Pekar

The Absolute Leader in Changing Minds

Author of ‘Kick But’ and as featured in “Secrets of Inspiring Women Exposed” and “Mission Possible” (U.S.A)

Written by Justin