What you will learn with this Book

  • How to face the smoke and mirrors that govern your life with honesty but not judgement
  • How to develop resilience in adversity, and allow it to serve you
  • How to create a turning point in your life for a fresh sense of direction and purpose
  • The self-definition that gives you a powerful context for living
  • How to forge a stronger connection and engagement with your dreams in four stages
  • How to tap into your intuition for clarity and inspired action
I believe Anita is destined for great things and this book is perhaps the beginning of that. Not just because she has experienced torment. Every soul has its season of ill. Rather it’s because, like the chickpea, she has found spiritual refinement through her pain, and she is using the elixir of that torment to guide, to help and perhaps to save others. That takes massive courage. And for that she has my greatest admiration. This is an amazing, honest, painful and above all else an inspirational book. I highly recommend it.
Geoff Thompson
- Geoff Thompson

Best selling Author, Screenwriter and BAFTA Award Winner
Breaking Free is more than just an inspiration. It is a lesson for life and living. I was so amazed and what Anita went through and how she turned it round for her own spiritual growth. This book awakens the consciousness of the reader towards spiritual growth, and has an amazing energy
Ana C. Vasconcelos
- Ana C. Vasconcelos

Author, Musician, Composer and Actress
This is an exceptional book that will inspire and transform many lives. Anita writes straight from the heart with powerful authenticity as she describes how she rose above personal tragedy as an individual to rewrite a script for her life, based on living and not just surviving. Anita’s authenticity will liberate many and her unique blend of inspiration and education regarding personal transformation is a must read for those who aspire to achieve breakthrough in their lives.
Ron G Holland
- Ron G Holland

Best Selling Author, Business and Financial Strategist
Breaking Free has all the makings of a modern day miracle, the greatest of which is a change of heart. Every great soul goes through valleys of darkness before rising up to become the inspirations we know them as. It's though these soul-defining fires that character, compassion and commitment to life are forged. Anita has been through such experiences and her bravery in sharing her very difficult story is proof that she is one of our time's great inspirations. Her story is told from the heart and without apology. It will give you great insight into your own soul, just as it did for me.
Ryan Mendenhall
- Ryan Mendenhall

Digital Marketing Director

Anita Narayan

Anita brings an authentic, heart-centered, inspirational approach to her work as an author, coach, mentor, speaker and presenter. She specializes in helping people to translate potential to accomplishment without sacrificing wellbeing.

Anita’s background in mental health nursing, organizational development and football has enabled her to coach and mentor many to greater self-esteem, wellbeing and success with a winning mentality in life, including former Arsenal and England footballer Tony Adams.

Following successful contributions to two bestselling self-help books, Anita brings her signature message to the world through the book and song Breaking Free, which has already received top industry endorsement and is currently the subject of a book to screen proposal.

She has been cited on major media outlets including Fox, CBS News and NBC, for her integrated approach to successful living.

In tandem with her work, Anita is looking to expand her humanitarian reach through the setting up of a charitable foundation.

Outside of her life’s work Anita loves to meditate, roam in nature, write songs and play the guitar. As an avid football fan, Anita is a freelance presenter for Arsenal Ladies Fanzone

Anita Narayan