Advocacy is rising!

There has never been a better time to be an advocate.

Advocacy Heals U is the first book ever written on personal advocacy bringing it into a much-needed spotlight…FOR advocates and BY advocates. In this world of open borders, there has never been a better time to reach people around the world for a cause. In addition to sharing the crucial details from Chris and Joni's own personal journeys, this book includes 95 other advocates and 58 foundations.

Social media and the Internet are powerful networking tools that you can harness into a call for action. Advocates are dedicated to networking from every angle to facilitate the ripple effect. This book will show you the way to fast track your results.

"Our legacy does not end with the closing of the day or even with our final breath; it continues through infinite possibilities for hopeful tomorrows—one cause, one person at a time." ~Joni Aldrich

What you will learn with this Book

Perspectives of Advocacy

  • Readers will learn about personal advocacy and patient advocacy, and why these guiding principles are (literally) a matter of life or death—especially in the healthcare arena. Perspective: "I will speak up for myself or someone else."
  • Who do you want to turn to when you are going through a life crisis? Someone who has been there. Advocates can be powerful mentors. There is safety in numbers. Perspective: "I can help others get through this."
  • Building an advocacy platform from the ground up can be daunting. If you can find an organization whose goals and objectives line up with your own, you can at least begin with them. There are good non-profits and not-so-good ones. Will they fit with your mission? Perspective: "I will support this cause and/or organization."
  • Perspective: "Other people need to know about this." Unless others read it, hear it, understand it, recall it, and support it…it’s just words. This can be frustrating. You may feel like you are shouting at the top of your lungs, and it just isn’t connecting. This book will help you build and deliver your message to have the desired impact.
  • Perspective: "I don’t want any other family to go through this." No pressure there. You are trying to get people to understand so that they don’t fall off the same cliff that you did. Passion fatigue and discouragement can undermine your advocacy foundation. Readers will learn to maintain a healthy balance.
  • Your advocacy objectives might include the need for new governmental policies. Perspective: "There should be legislation to prevent this." While Advocacy Heals U does not focus specifically on this critical piece of the advocacy mission, the tools included in the book can help you grow the strong message and support necessary for legislative success.
Advocacy Heals U helped me realize that I was a closet advocate. I lost my son because he was born too soon. As a premature infant in 1977, his chances for a full life were small compared to today. After his loss, many of my decisions and actions were evidently due to my advocacy. It wasn’t until I read Advocacy Heals U that I became aware of how much my own personal advocacy has governed my life. Joni and Chris have given me a new and legitimized understanding of my life. I see now that advocacy is a reaction to something, and that advocacy is part of the healing process. It is the immune booster against depression, despair and anger. I thank them for making me understand the role that advocacy has played in my life
- Chuck DiTrapano

RPh, President of, Developer of Emily Jerry eLearning
As a cancer survivor, I understand that the foundation of successful advocacy is emotional health and wellbeing. As a national cancer advocacy program director, I train and mentor advocates. This dual role gives me the unique perspective of understanding that advocates require different guidelines for different stages of their advocacy work. Advocacy Heals U acknowledges this fact and creates the guidelines that balance the emotional needs of the individual advocate with the practical guidelines that are valuable to all advocates—from advocates that are just getting started to experienced advocates. Whether an individual is seeking information on advocacy basics, or seeking inspiration from other advocates, Advocacy Heals U will provide you with answers. A common factor among survivors and caregivers is often feeling alone. Through the personal stories shared in Advocacy Heals U, the reader will understand that others have walked your path and are able to support you through advocacy!
Rose Gerber
- Rose Gerber

Breast Cancer Survivor, Director of Communications and Patient Advocacy, Community Oncology Alliance, Washington, D.C.
In this important book, Joni Aldrich and Chris Jerry describe what it is like to lose a loved one because of a medical illness and the all-too-frequent hazards of our medical care system. Impressively, they have channeled their pain into a series of lessons to help others who -- like them -- wish to use their experience to try to improve the healthcare system. Their strength, wisdom, and courage are remarkable, and their book will be an essential guide to others who wish to follow a similar path.
Robert M. Wachter
- Robert M. Wachter

MD, Interim Chair, Department of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco, and author of the New York Times bestseller, The Digital Doctor: Hope, Hype, and Harm at the Dawn of Medicine's Computer Age

Joni James Aldrich And Christopher S. Jerry

Author, Speaker, Radio Host, and Health Cause Advocate Joni Aldrich is the CEO of Cancer Lifeline Publications. Through her seven books and international radio programs (live and on demand), Joni advocates for patient rights and education, cancer families, caregiver rights, and cancer legislation in honor of her husband and mother who were both lost to cancer.

When Joni met Chris Jerry, she was touched by the tragic story of how he lost his 2-year-old daughter, Emily, to a preventable medical error. Joni and Chris co-host Advocacy Heals U, the radio program, and they began to notice a pattern among the hundreds of guests.

Writer, Speaker, Radio Host, and Patient Safety Advocate Christopher Jerry is the President and CEO of the Emily Jerry Foundation. EJF was founded to raise awareness about preventable medical errors with particular emphasis on medication errors. After an intravenous compounding error by an untrained pharmaceutical technician caused the tragic death of his daughter, Emily, Chris dedicated his life to preventing other families from suffering through a similar heartbreak. The general public is not aware that they are routinely put at risk within our nation’s medical facilities.

The contribution of Chris’s tragic and inspirational story to Advocacy Heals U, the book, has made this publication possible.

Joni James Aldrich And Christopher S. Jerry