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7 Principles Of Divine Purpose by Randall Brown

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7 Principles Of Divine Purpose
by Randall Brown

About The Book:

“7 Principles of Divine Purpose – Experiencing Power, Passion and
True Success” was written for everyone who has sought a successful life by
following the path parents, teachers and society have taught, only to find that
path to be a myth. Randall presents us with the questions: “What if everything
you’ve been taught about success is wrong? What if it only leads to
limitations and emptiness?”
The 7 Principles of Divine Purpose teach us that a successful and passionate
life is experienced only when the seeds of Divine greatness planted within you
are allowed to emerge. Learn to unblock the flow of Divine Help that will
release your Divine Purpose!
Your Divine Purpose is a masterpiece that lies within you. It is the unique
greatness planted in your DNA. It is the “highest-good” that flows through
you as you are connected to your source, God, Higher Power or whatever you
understand it to be.


About The

Randall Brown is married to Janet C. Brown.
They are the parents four children (Steven, Mike, Kenny and Christy) and they
now have two grandchildren.
Randall has worked as a personal coach for the Robert Kiyosaki and Jack Canfield
coaching programs. Randall performed over 100 public speaking engagements per
year for 20 years with the Southwestern / Great American company where he was a
top sales person. He is now a two-time author and helps aspiring authors as an
author’s coach.
Randall’s writings are designed to help you find “TRUE Success” by
connecting to your “Divine Purpose.” His messages will inspire you and
provide you with universal principles and techniques that will change limiting
beliefs and attract an abundant life of Divine Purpose!

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