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7 Keys To Prosperity Unlocking Your Biblical Inheritance by David Thompson



7 Keys To Prosperity Unlocking Your
Biblical Inheritance by David Thompson

About The Book:

7 keys to prosperity will guide to unlocking your Biblical
inheritance. Jesus Christ purchased the rights to your inheritance over 2000
years ago on the cross of calvary.
Through his ultimate sacrifice he offers you his grace; not just for eternity
but for the life you are living right now.
7 Keys to prosperity is a valuable study guide to the greatest book of all, the


About The

David Wayne Thompson is an accomplished
artist, actor, director, author and speaker. As a child, his dreams were to read
and write, but a dream doesn’t come without a challenge.

At age eight, he was diagnosed with Dyslexia. He could not write his name
properly. His mother Jean, recognized these difficulties and began tutoring him
after school. This was a milestone in his life. English was difficult. David
enrolled himself in Summer school to improve his skills in writing. Potential
began to show. He graduated in high school with honors in advanced and college

Age 29 hit David hard. Myasthenia Gravis, an incurable muscle disease that
affects the synaptic connection between the nervous system and the muscles,
threatened to take his life. Through his mother’s prayers, David was
completely healed. The doctor’s only explanation was divine intervention.
Today David Thompson speaks boldly of what God can do for those who simply ask


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Biblical Inheritance]

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