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Clarity On a Cloud by Louisa Brown

Clarity On a Cloud by Louisa Brown About The Book:

*“A gripping story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.” – Akila Razzaq “Suggests an outsider with a melancholic vibe” – Lesley Djoukouo “Staying on my grind, was never my intention. For me escape seemed an understatement, survival was the game, making one blind to see pain…”. Clarity on a cloud, is an intense personal tale compiled with situations only bearing down on the individual’s life. Brown’s Memoir commemorates a paradoxical past that challenges her future. It is story of how negativity can industrialize actions and choices, leading to the impact others. The author was just thirteen when she lost her Nana. Her best friend to suicide. Her friend to accident. Bereavement took a toil of it’s own. Clarity on a cloud will take you on an exquisite journey that affected the author both mentally and psychologically. Authors note. Clarity On a Cloud is a personal memoir which is based from the 20th to the 21st century. It is about an individual growing up in a community of this time period/frame, as this time goes on she experiences societies expectations and also a general idea of life & family life and is about how this has made an impact one’s mindset, thoughts and feelings alongside with the friends that have come and gone with their own experiences. Clarity on a cloud is written relating to the child, teenager and young adult’s persona on a day to day basis. Clarity On a Cloud is written from a child’s perspective and the language does change as Louisa gets older purposely. *

Get Your Copy of Clarity On a Cloud About The Author:
Louisa is an expressive character who is knowledgeable of her line of publishing. She is an ambitious & diligent individual who strives for perfection and is quite an energetic spirit, who enjoys writing and expressing views through written literature & poetry.
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