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The 3 Beliefs You Need NOW To Make 2018 an Epic Year in Business by Ursula Mentjes


If you’re in sales and you want to be successful, tell me: what do you believe about sales?


Notice I didn’t ask you what you were selling, how much experience you have, if you have a degree, where your corporate office is located, or your current net profits.


I asked what you believe. And that I ask that question first for a reason! You see, what you BELIEVE about sales will drive your success in sales more than anything else.


My latest book, The Belief Zone launched recently – and I could not be more excited about it! Because I want to see you double and triple your sales this year! And you will have all the tools you need to do just that – when you know how to operate within the belief zone.


I work with salespeople in all industries. My clients have included huge conglomerates all the way to brand new start up businesses. And no matter the salesperson, their niche, or the size of their sales, they can – and many have – doubled and tripled their sales!


In my Sales Camps, I find that a lot of people come looking for the latest and greatest sales or marketing technique. They want the nuts and bolts, magic scripts, or how-to lists.


And they rather check out when I start talking about limiting beliefs. But that’s where the magic is – so do NOT miss this!


Because you can have all the tools, all the scripts, and all the know-how, but your sales will not double or triple – or grow at all – if you are not living in The Belief Zone!


What is the Belief Zone? THAT is where all the magic happens. What you believe about yourself and your sales is the number one thing that is going to drive your success in sales.


That’s it. Your beliefs drive your success.


Now, it’s not enough to say “I’m NOT going to believe XYZ idea.” The subconscious mind doesn’t work in negatives. It can only process images and ideas that we give it! The only way to NOT think about something is to completely replace that idea or image with something different!


In the same way, limiting beliefs need to be replaced by new ones!


So here are the top 3 limiting beliefs that you need to replace NOW to make your 2018 an epic year in business:


  1. “I am a pushy sales person.”

    When you are working with your target client, you’re working with exactly the people who are searching for what you have! Did you know that 81% of sales are closed after the 5th follow up? Yes – the 5th! That means making 5 follow up calls, or scheduling 5 follow up meetings before closing the sale!

    When prospects get a follow up call from a salesperson who is following up, do they respond as though they are being annoyed and pestered? No! Their response nearly every time? “I’m so glad you called – I’ve been thinking about our meeting! Thanks for following up.”

    When you begin to realize and believe that you have exactly what your prospects are looking for, sales becomes easy – and it becomes an act of service!

    This is a big one! Replace this limiting belief with:

    “I am a professionally persistent problem solver!”

  2. “There isn’t  enough money or clients for all!”

    We tend to grossly over think the concept of money. Money is NOT that complex. It’s simply energy – it’s neither good or bad!

    How can you expect to receive what is coming to you as you double and triple your sales if you believe there isn’t enough to come your way? Money cannot be placed in a closed fist – nor can it come to a closed mind!

    There is ALWAYS enough money to go around! And your business has a target client – you can even work with only your favorite clients!

    So, replace this limiting belief with:

    “Money flows to me easily and effortlessly every day.”

  3. “I am not enough” or “I do not have enough experience.”

    I’m always amazed at how many of my clients believe that they are not qualified to sell what they do! This limiting belief exists in all skill levels – from business owners starting brand new projects to skilled and educated professionals with decades of experience to offer!

    It’s called imposter syndrome – and it’s nonsense!

    If you are selling something, you are, by default, an expert in that area! We tend to overthink our own qualifications and underestimate their value and benefits.

    Even if you have no sales experience whatsoever, you have an expertise in what you are selling! And that is enough!

    Replace this limiting belief with:

    “I AM an expert in my industry!”

You have – right now – all the tools that you need to double and triple your sales! Choosing to operate within the belief zone will expand your sales faster than you would have ever thought possible.


Make 2018 YOUR year to double and triple your sales!


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