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Motivational Press Announces The Release of In Search of the Baby Boomer Generation by Rick Bava

Rick Bava is proud to announce the release of the book In Search of the
Baby Boomer Generation, to be released by Motivational Press. Rick Bava
finds inspiration from both his own experiences as a Baby Boomer and from
travelling the country and talking with Baby Boomers from all walks of life and
across all socioeconomic classes. .

In the words of Jim Gilmartin,  Principal, Coming of Age, The
Online Baby Boomer & Senior Marketing Agency, As a premier agency advising
and consulting corporations in marketing to Baby Boomers, our firm sought to
bring expertise to our representation. That is why we entered into agreement
with what we believe to be the preeminent Baby Boomer spokesperson, Rick Bava.
Through Rick’s writing and commentary he established a reputation for being
able to comment on the issues most topical to the Baby Boomer Generation. It is
his credibility as a voice for Baby Boomers that makes our firm pleased to be
associated with Rick.

In an engaging interview, Rick Bava can discuss: 

Topics important to Baby Boomers.

Ed Graziano, President of Corporate Event Enterprises and Show Manager for
the Senior Lifestyle Expo   said, As President of Corporate Event
Enterprises and Show Manager for the Senior Lifestyle Expo I have had the
opportunity to work with Rick Bava who is seen as a communicator of importance
to the Baby Boomer Generation.
Together we built a survey, and proposal model that can be used to do a large
scale Baby Boomer Conference, or a set of seminars, lectures directed to the
Baby Boomer Generation. We hope to use the expertise gained together, and
collaborate in the future to bring Rick Bava’s knowledge to Baby Boomers in
a forum like setting.
My desire to work with Rick is based on his expertise, his professionalism, and
his ability to add content.  Our organization specializes in large scale
conference management, so someone of Rick’s knowledge base is a perfect
partner to bring messaging to the 78 million Baby Boomers..

This is a book that speaks to the topics and issues most germaine to the 78
million Baby Boomers.  It is a commentary on where Baby Boomers have been,
where they are presently, and where they are headed.  

To schedule an interview with Rick Bava, contact Janet Carson at
760-208-4990 or


About The

Rick Bava writes the respected column,
“The Baby Boomer Corner,” for Today’s Senior Magazine. He is part
of the radio show, Boomer Nation. He is involved in a series of activities, that
speak to the Baby Boomer Generation, including speeches, and business consulting
related to the Baby Boomer Generation. Rick Bava for thirty years was a
successful business executive, who in 2007 turned to making a contribution to
society by becoming a communicator for the Baby Boomer Generation.


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Janet Carson

Chief Marketing Officer

Motivational Press


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