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Category "Health & Wellness"

So What If I’m 65 by Bob Weinstein

[tag Bob Weinstein, So What If I’m 65 So What If I’m 65][category Books, Business Motivational Inspirational]   So What If I’m 65 So What If I’m 65 by Bob Weinstein About The Book: Find out why baby boomers -- the largest, wealthiest, best-educated generation in U.S. history -- can’t afford [...]

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The Energy Code by Elisabetta L. Faenza

[category Books, BusinessHealthLeadership]   The Energy Code by Elisabetta L. Faenza About The Book: Ever noticed the mood you wake up with in the morning can have an effect on your whole day?  Ever wondered if maybe how you felt when you woke up actually created the events of [...]

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Eating On The Go: Traveling Lite by Roxanne Edrington

[category Books, Health]   Eating On The Go: Traveling Lite by Roxanne Edrington About The Book: Dr. Edrington explains why eating on-the-go can be convenient and healthy. Her new book shows logical choices for a traveler’s healthy lifestyle. Is it possible to hit-the-road and maintain a healthy lifestyle? This question [...]

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[category Books, Health Leadership Motivational]   HERE WE GO AGAIN by JUNE SIMON STOELZEL LMFT About The Book: We all have ‘stuff’’ which I have referred to in this book as unresolved issues. That ‘stuff’’ can be valuable if looked upon as the lessons in life that made you grow emotionally, [...]

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The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required by Kita Szpak

[category Books, Health Motivational Inspirational]   The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required by Kita Szpak About The Book: The SIMPLE Life focuses on the process of moving from a busy, distracting life to a simple life of purposeful living where once-present shiny objects are no longer necessary or desirable. Not [...]

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