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Category "Books"

This Too Shall Pass by Cathy Bamji

This Too Shall Pass: A Journey through Grief to the Other Side By Cathy Bamji Description of the Book: Life does little to prepare us for an illness or loss. It comes suddenly, it confuses us, and the feeling of helplessness leaves [...]

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Honest Negotiation by Keld Jensen

  Honest Negotiation by Keld Jensen About The Book: Negotiate your way to success It has been estimated that today, the cost of negotiating the average B2B contract is $16,800. In larger corporations, the annual costs of contract negotiation [...]

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Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison

  Gamification for Business by Lewis Harrison About The Book: Gamification is a general term describing the application of game based thinking, game design techniques, and game mechanics to virtually anything. Lewis Harrison, known as the RealUGuru is the creator [...]

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The Elite Practice Formula by Carlo Biasucci

  The Elite Practice Formula by Carlo Biasucci About The Book: Discover A 'Step-By-Step' System For Growing The Dental Practice Of Your Dreams And Finally Realize The Lifestyle And Income You Envisioned When You Became A Dentist...Allowing You To Work [...]

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