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Category "Books"

Tattooed Millionaire by SEAN DOWDELL

  Tattooed Millionaire by SEAN DOWDELL About The Book: Summary Tattooed Millionaire is a story about a young man Sean Dowdell that grew up in a lower middle class family in the 1970’s and worked his way up through the [...]

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A Resonant Presence by Alice Stefaniak

A Resonant Presence by Alice Stefaniak About The Book: *The element of presence in coaching is described in many books, but what this book does is identify specific factors and experiences that animate presence. How to actuate presence so that [...]

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Clarity On a Cloud by Louisa Brown

Clarity On a Cloud by Louisa Brown About The Book: *“A gripping story that will leave you on the edge of your seat.” - Akila Razzaq "Suggests an outsider with a melancholic vibe" - Lesley Djoukouo “Staying on my grind, was [...]

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Precise Leaders Get Results by Paul Thornton

  Precise Leaders Get Results by Paul Thornton About The Book: Throughout my career, I have observed, studied, and interviewed many leaders including CEOs, presidents, vice presidents, executives, consultants, coaches, managers, and teachers. My goal all along has been to identify what the best leaders do in [...]

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