What you will learn with this Book

  • What needs to be changed in our government and why
  • Why changes is crucial to our national and individual best interests
  • How to advocate for these changes individually and collectively
  • The benefits of making these changes to us all
  • The best case scenario for creating such changes
  • The worst case scenario if we continue with the status quo
Don Holbrook

Don Holbrook

Don Holbrook is a private consultant/practitioner involved in economic development public policy, site location decisions for private sector investments in new facilities, destination tourism projects and Site Location development & business incentives feasibility negotiations. This includes public sector incentives to entice business investment into local economies. He is one of the few practitioner-based economists in the field of economic development. He is the leading non-fiction book author on local economic development efforts to rebuild, renew and create sustainably balanced economic development public policy, which supports world-class community vision and strategic economic growth planning. His first book, the “Little Black Book of Economic Development” has spawned a series of follow-up books on how communities, companies, individuals and families can navigate these treacherous economic times.

Holbrook is one of the worlds foremost thought leaders and public speakers on the subject of how communities can build local grassroots driven economic development strategies to achieve maximum success in what he refers to as “The Art of the Deal Today.” His focus is on business capitalization strategies that will attract investment, jobs and economic growth.

Holbrook is a Certified Economic Developer and in 2008 he was formally indoctrinated as a Fellow Member of the International Economic Development Council, for his lifetime achievements by his peers.

He lives with wife and two sons in Las Vegas, Nevada. Holbrook has spoke at over 50 major events and given hundreds of motivational speeches around the world. He has written two fictional books on the Knights Templar. In 2010, Holbrook was formally Knighted at West Point USMA as a member of the modern day Sovereign Military Order of the Temple of Jerusalem, the modern day Knights Templar Order.

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